Welcome to the User Driven Enhancement Program (UDEP) Idea Input Page.

The UDEP was created to give the Emerson user community a direct means to input and influence Emerson’s product enhancement plans. This is your opportunity to share with Emerson’s technology leaders enhancement ideas or improvement suggestions to existing functionality that you would find most valuable.

Do you have an idea for an enhancement to one of Emerson Automation Solutions offerings? If so, we want to hear from you. Anyone from the Emerson user community is welcome. Please include only one idea per submission, although you may have multiple submissions. All submitted enhancement ideas will be formally considered.

Ideas may be submitted at any time. Please note however that each release cycle has an evaluation period for ideas submitted. Once the projects have been selected, any ideas submitted will be evaluated as part of the next release cycle.

(Note: For technical support issues please refer to the technical support and customer service page)

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Please note that due to the volume of enhancement ideas submitted, we are unable to provide individual status updates. Each year at Emerson Exchange, the UDEP committee presents an update on project selection and progress. If you would like to know more about the status of your idea in the interim period you may send an email to UDEP@emerson.com.

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